RTO Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Transport department of the Madhya Pradesh has developed the E-Governance system as well as started offering the citizen centric services using the information technologies. The computerized transport system has been started in the M.P. transport department since seven years including smart card based driving license as well as Registration Certificate. The computerized system of the department has made easy all the transport processes. People can be accessed through sms messages or internet email according to their need for license. It has become the leading state of the country offering value added services such as the online dealer point enrollment, online tax payment system and online permit and objection system etc.

RTO Offices in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

MP Transport Vehicle Registration Number

Transport vehicle registration number plays a big role in the transport without which one cannot be allowed to drive his owned motor vehicles in the public place. According to the “Chapter 4 of IMV Act 1988”, each and every transport vehicle gets its particular registration number after registering it from the authority regional transport office. Below is the list of cities of Madhya Pradesh state and their vehicle registration number:

RTO Office Vehicle Registration Number
Bhopal MP04
Houshangbad MP05
Muraina MP06
Gwalior MP07
Guna MP08
Indore MP09
Khargone MP10
Dhar MP11
Khandwa MP12
Ujjain MP13
Mandsor MP14
Sagar MP15
Chatarpur MP16
Rewa MP17
Shahdol MP18
Satna MP19
Jabalpur MP20
Katni MP21
Seoni MP22
Raipur MP23
Durg MP24
Jagdalpur MP25
Bilaspur MP26
Ambikapur MP27
Chhindwarah MP28

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