RTO Washim

Washim city is a municipal council and an administrative headquarters of the Washim district, located in the Maharashtra state of India. This city has Regional Transport Office, offering the vehicle registration number of MH-37. It has the population (2001) of around 62,863 and literacy rate 70%. It is located at 295.5 km distance from Nagpur, 65.4 km distance from Pusad, 109.8 km distance from Mahur, 142.0 km distance from Yavatmal and 443.4 km distance from Pune.

Dy. RTO Washim

Shri G. M. Nerpagar (Dy.R.T.O)


Dy. Regional Transport Office
A/P -D .Ed . College Building , Risod Road Lakhala, Washim- 444505

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Location Map of Dy. RTO Washim

Satellite Map of Dy. RTO Washim

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